Welcome to 70857B

Max Dillon, Joey Douglas and Shawn Rhoads

Team News:

Shawn (Skip) Rhoads and Max Dillon have both been accepted to the University of Florida and are planning to attend. Shawn will major in Computer Science (with possible Electrical Engineering Minor) and Max will major in Aerospace Engineering, Joey Douglas is taking a gap year to prepare for college

Team History/Overview:

2021-2022: Season Overview (Senior Year): State (Regional) Champions, Worlds Division Record 7 wins – 3 losses

2020-2021: State (Regional) Champions, World Qualified and World Division Finalist (Junior Year)

2019-2020: State (Regional) Semi Finalist, World Qualified/Participant (Sophmore Year)

2018-2019: State Finalist, World Qualified/Participant. (Freshman Year)

2017-2018: State Champion (Middle School), World Qualified/Participant


Max Dillon (Mechanical Designer/CAD, Builder)

Shawn “Skip” Rhoads (Driver, Programmer, Team Lead)

Joey Douglas (Outreach, Scouting)