2021-2022: Tipping Point

2022 Worlds

Day 2 of Design Division (link mysteriously missing from the vexworlds.tv page)


Max, Joey and Skip (Shawn) pose after World finals, the end of a great experience!

STEMpunk finished in the top 8 in their worlds division on win percentage with an 7-3 record. It was a great time, thanks VEX robots we will miss you!

Watch worlds here: https://www.vexworlds.tv/#/?channel=jmhkmkbdwsh3fg4pfoqn

State (North/Central FL Regional) Championship Tournament

This year’s State Championships had a lot of great robots competing, excellent all round skills scores and quality deep competition with excellent refereeing and sportsmanship. It was a great fun event, thank you VEX robotics!

Finals 70857B, 6105C vs. 32792B, 2733J

Exciting Semi Final Match 70857B, 6105C vs. 550A, 5956F:

Orange County Tipping Point Finale (2/5/2022)

STEMpunk won tournament champion at the Orange County Tipping Point Finale event. Thank you to our tournament alliance Blackout and Apopka High School for hosting the largest local tournament this year at 40 teams!

Auburn University SCORE Showdown Signature Event (1/17/2022)

After the event STEMpunk learned they had qualified to worlds by scoring well enough in Skills to earn one of the double qualification positions!

Warrior Robotics Competition (1/8/2022)

STEMpunk partnered with Jelly and were able to win tournament champion as well as skills champion. Thank you Steinbrenner High School for hosting a fun event!

Knight’s Gambit (12/4/2021)

Thank you NeoCity Academy for hosting a great event!

STEMpunk partners with 550C during qualifications at Knight’s Gambit Tipping Point Tournament

Elementary School Robot Day (11/18/2021)

Nov. 18, 2021: STEMpunk takes their competition robot to the local elementary school and demonstrates what you can do in the STEM field with mechanics, programming, and driving.

Shawn “Skip” Rhoads demonstrates VEX robotics to 3rd graders.

STEMpunk started the season assisting at AMROC’s Roboticon Tampa Bay and promoting VEX Robotics. The team ran a mock tournament for several brand new VEX Robotics teams in the surrounding schools which gave them exposure to robotics competition and ideas on this years game.

Version 2.0 of STEMpunk’s robot is under development in preparation for their first official meet.